dropshipping brands from europe

We help in transforming traditional European retail to cope better with day to day challenges. The main feature of a successful retail store is that it finds own group of loyal customers or is special in a way that attracts occasional passers-by. In the virtual world it translates to differentiation into a niche that is emotionally attractive to a specific audience. targ.es matches retailers who have such objective with manufacturers who produce brands fitting relevant niches. And we do this within Europe to ensure speed of delivery and quality of service demanded by the consumers.


for producers

  • There are over one million online stores in only top 5 EU countries. Searching them through, selecting the right ones and contacting them individually is inconceivable. We reverse the situation, enabling producers to be found by retailers.
  • The producer needs to deliver (and keep updated) its database of product information and pictures only to one place, to targ.es. We distribute the database to any retailer interested in the products. And we help to deliver it in 6 languages.
  • The producer does not have to individually deliver daily availability information to each retailer – again – it can be delivered to one place only, and from this point on we take care about its proper dissemination.
  • And we provide all of it for a price much lower than a cost of participation in traditional trade fairs.

For Retailers

  • Sourcing of attractive products, with authentic availability information and short delivery times is one of main headaches for retailers – we actively do the brands search and selection process, this is our full time duty. Retailers can rely on our choices and can start selling the products instantly.
  • No need to pile up stocks – this is a common requirement from retailers, and the one that is being brought up more and more often. The solution is dropshipping. targ.es requires all suppliers to provide dropshipping option. Retailers do not have to worry about it anymore.
  • Up to date availability information is what is crucial to run a successful dropshipping business. We bring to retailers just that – the availability information provided by producers on a daily basis.
  • WooCommerce users can integrate our database with their store. More integrations with ecommerce platforms are under development.

for consumers

  • Many day to day shopping needs can be fulfilled by real bricks & mortar stores and more and more of them are being satisfied online by giant generalists – but there are some needs, related to our lifestyle, passions, hobbies and individual tastes that  require specialist approach. We help specialist retailers to develop, grow and continuously get better.
  • Consumers buying products from producers selected by targ.es can trust information about their availability.
  • The products from brands selected by targ.es are shipped from Europe and delivered within days, not weeks, as it is in case of overseas suppliers. And with no customs duties on the border.